Intermediate Orkesterkamp Week
30 June - 8 July 2018

"I’ve been going to music school for several years now and I’m beginning to notice that wherever I go I always know everything. That is why I’m looking for a challenge. I’m going to apply for the Intermediate OrkesterkamP Week where I’ll be able to try everything I haven’t yet. By that I mean going rafting, musical games and hanging out in the evening with new best friends from all of Slovenia and the world. And to not make my teacher angry, I’ll practice in either symphony, string, wind, brass or jazz orchestra for several hours every day! I’m not telling anyone that I’ll play in chamber music groups and ensembles and perform and listen to my friends performing in concerts. Well, I’ll be doing all this during the day ..." (Žan, age 16)

Application deadline is 31 May, or until all positions get filled

Musical ensembles active during the Intermediate Orkesterkamp Week:
Swing Band
Brass Band
Percussion Ensemble
BBB - Bovec Big Band
String orchestra
Wind orchestra
Symphony orchestra

Besides music courses, participants will be able to take part in sports, dance, arts and crafts and other activities.

Instruments in the orchestra: violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, horn, tuba, guitar, piano, percussion, ...

Recommended age: 13 and older

Entry fee (payable after submitting the entry form): 80 €

Course fee (payable at the start of the course): 100 €

Full board cost : 300 €
8x all inclusive option (bed and breakfast at Hotel Alp***, lunch and dinner at Primary School Bovec) + lunch and dinner on the last day + constant supervision by OrkesterkamP counselors

We are offering a special 50% discount on both fees of the programme together for families with two or more young OrkesterkamP musicians (for the second child and every other after that).
Please make a note of all the children in the family who have applied for OrkesterkamP programs.

Prices include tax.